Inbound Logistics Management, 7th edition
Storage & Supply of Materials for the Modern Supply Chain

By Barry Crocker, et al.
June 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273720485
317 Pages
$110.00 paper original

This well-established text provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the practice and supporting systems relating to the storage and supply of materials, from elementary principles and simplest methods to the most advanced automated operations. It is an invaluable guide to inbound logistics for both students and practitioners.



1 The supply function

2 Identification of materials

3 Receipt and inspection

4 Issue and dispatch

5 Records and systems

6 Materials accounting

7 Approaches to the provision of materials

8 Stock control techniques

9 Stock checking and stocktaking

10 Storehouses and stockyards

11 Stores operations

12 Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)

13 Storage equipment

14 Materials handling

15 Procedures manuals

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