Inspirational Manager
How to Build Relationships That Deliver Results

By Judith Leary-Joyce
September 2007
Prentice Hall / Financial Times
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273712510
288 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4"
$42.50 paper original

Some bosses are better than good - they're inspirational. Their teams deliver exceptional performance because they can't imagine letting their manager down. These Inspirational Managers earn more respect, suffer less stress and produce better results than other managers. Want to be one? This book tells you how.

Inspirational Manager
goes to the very 'heart' of management, it shows you how to be a great manager and remain true to yourself. It shows you to how to uncover the best in your people and how to have the tough conversations when they are needed.

Drawing on the experiences of real inspirational managers, facing real challenges and managing real people, Inspirational Manager gives you the tools and techniques to ensure that people notice you and say - “now there's a great manager!”

Like the managers in the book, you'll find at times that it is hard work – but immensely satisfying. You'll love what you do, deliver great results and make a difference. Who knows, you and your team might start enjoying Mondays as much as Fridays!


1          It’s got to be better than this!

2          What it takes to be an inspirational manager

3          The beliefs of an inspirational manager

4          Keep on learning

5          Focusing your attention

6          The inspirational manager as coach

7          Building inspirational teams

8          The performance management process

9          Making the most of delegation

10         Managing your talent

11         Holding the tough conversations

12        Recruiting the best

13        Building recognition into your day

14        The leader in every manager

Appendix 1:         Who are these inspirational managers?
Appendix 2: Inspiration


Judith Leary-Joyce has a real passion for developing great workplaces and wants everyone to get out of bed each morning, eager to get on with their work. As CEO of Great Companies Consulting, she spends her time supporting organizations that have an appetite for delivering great results through their people. She has considerable experience of consulting plus coaching/facilitating leaders, managers and significant influencers in a wide range of organizations. Her psychology background gives her a deep understanding of the factors that drive people to make their best efforts and perform brilliantly.
Judith is also author of Becoming an Employer of Choice a book that explores how you can contribute to the development and maintenance of a great workplace.
Inspirational Manager is thought provoking and pragmatic. It provides useful tactics and action plans for achieving success across various management disciplines with rules to guide you through each stage. A useful companion throughout your managerial career, this book can help guide you and your people to success.’
Mark Horsfield, Professional Development Manager, Microsoft

‘This is not just another book on management: it is an important book about YOU. It is full of better ways for you to engage with your staff, deal with difficult situations, and recognise success. I guarantee that this book will enhance your performance as a manager.’
Detective Superintendent Peter Rigby - Cheshire Constabulary

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