Lead Yourself, 2nd edition
Be Who You Are and What You Want to Be

By Mick Cope
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
September 2006
ISBN: 0273707841
224 Pages
$32.50 paper original

Your personal success will come from the ability to manage two connected forms of leadership. How to:

1. Lead Yourself - by having a clear understanding of the personal journey you wish to make and how it will be managed. Once you are able to lead yourself along this journey, you will be more able to;

2. Lead Others - by delivering results that are grounded in the principle of shared rather than selfish success - ultimately 'shared success sustains success'.

Both forms of leadership rely on your ability to operate from a position where your personal security comes from within. Once you understand the principles contained in this book - no longer will the idea of insecurity be seen as a negative and worrying word. Instead, in-security will mean what it says - that your personal security comes from within. Having this security means it is yours to do with as you please and no one can take it away from you. And as a result you are free to enlarge and enhance the level and value of your personal security by investing your security in other people. If you work for an organization, the Lead Yourself framework will help to move from a position of Corporate Slavery to Corporate Success. If you work on your own, or wish to launch out and start your own business, this book will give you the framework and tools to help to achieve your goals, and how to take others with you.

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