Living Supply Chains
How to Mobilize the Enterprise around Delivering What Your Customers Want

By John Gattorna
Prentice Hall / Pearson
Distributed in the USA by Trans-Atlantic Publications
November 2006
ISBN: 0273706144
352 pages
$87.50 Hardback

J. Sainsbury recently lost share in the market by failing with their supply chain. Wal-mart and Dell won in the market by getting theirs right. Smart supply chains can be decisive. 

In the J Sainsbury debacle, there was nothing wrong with the strategy - except that no one thought to check if the personnel were capable of delivering such a complex and sophisticated plan within such a short timeframe - and they are paying the price now. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example: it is happening every day.

Living Supply Chains is unique in looking beyond the systems and technology of your company, to the role of people and behaviour in placing customer-focused supply chains at the heart of their enterprise.

Based on John Gattorna’s empirical research, Living Supply Chains shows you how to drive the design and management of your supply chains by starting with your customers and understanding their ‘dominant buying behaviours.’ In most cases, only 3 or 4 of these will be ‘dominant’ and should then be ‘hardwired’ into the organization’s selling approaches, performance indicators, and logistics operations. 

With quick diagnostics and guidelines, executives can use to rapidly identify and close performance gaps, logistics, and supply chain management can finally move from the hands of the functional specialists, to the executives. Analysts and shareholders alike have recognized that taking back control of this vital area of business will have the most fundamental impact on future share price performance.


Ch.1   Supply chains are the business
Ch.2    Customer conversations                                                       
Ch.3    Implementing a multiple supply chain alignment strategy
Ch.4    Leading from the front
Ch.5    Continuous Replenishment supply chains
Ch.6    Lean supply chains
Ch.7    Agile supply chains
Ch.8    Fully flexible supply chains
Ch.9  New business models for new supply chains
Ch.10  Delivering living supply chains
A final word


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