Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Creating Value-Adding Networks

3rd Edition

By Martin Christopher
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
September 2005
ISBN: 0273681761
405 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$41.99 Hardcover

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, the pressure on organizations to find new ways to create and deliver value to customers grows ever stronger. There is a growing recognition that through logistic efficiency and effective management of the supply chain both cost reduction and service enhancement can be achieved.

The goal of supply chain management is to link the marketplace, the distribution network, the manufacturing process and the procurement activity in such a way that customers are serviced at higher levels and yet at a lower total cost. In this book, Martin Christopher discusses the role of logistics in achieving these goals.

He outlines the role of logistics in using service levels to segment markets, exploring appropriate measures to assess logistics productivity and service performance. This practical guide provides information on auditing logistic systems and describes how greater responsiveness in the supply chain can be achieved through lead time reduction.

Contents include: Logistics, the supply chain and competitive strategy, Logistics and customer value, Measuring logistics costs and performance, Creating the responsive supply chain, Strategic lead-time management, The Synchronous supply chain, Managing the global pipeline, Managing risk in the supply chain, Overcoming the barriers to supply chain integration, Entering the era of network competition.

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