Managing Change Step By Step
All You Need to Build a Plan & Make it Happen

By Richard Newton
September 2007
Prentice Hall / Financial Times
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273711773
264 Pages, Illustrated, 6 x 9 1/4"
$47.50 paper original

Change Management is not a single, coherent and agreed upon approach but rather an assortment of tools, techniques, methods and simple good intentions - all of which are simply and practically broken down by this book.

The problems with change management is at all levels of management and many people have roles which require them to not only perform the traditional day-to-day tasks associated with being a manager, but also need to deliver ongoing change in their teams, departments or divisions.

They want straightforward and practical advise that is easy to understand and can be applied immediately, which this book delivers. It shows how change management can be constructively approached by a practical frame work.

Step 1:                 Learn the basics
Step 2:                 Understand your objective
Step 2.1                Listen for triggers
Step 2.2                Define your objective
Step 2.3                Test your objective
Step 2.4                Define your output measure and target
Step 2.5                Understand the gap
Step 2.6                Identify how to close the gap
Step 2.7                 Define your change constraints
Step 2.8                 Define additional measures
Step 2.9                Identify sources of data
Step 2.10              Determine what you will change
Step 3:                   Build the change team
Step 3.1                 Identify change sponsor
Step 3.2                 Create steering committee
Step 3.3                 Identify change manager
Step 3.4                 Build the core change team
Step 3.5                 Create a network of change agents and supporters
Step 3.6                 Initial assessment of support and resistance
Step 3.7                 Prepare the team for the journey
 Step 4:                  Plan how to achieve change
Step 4.1                 Identify the main blocks of work
Step 4.2                 Identify quick wins
Step 4.3                 Develop the task breakdown and schedule
Step 4.4                 Identify additional resources required
Step 4.5                 Cost the plan, identify benefits
Step 4.6                 Build a business case
Step 4.7                 Gain approval to proceed
Step 4.8                 Implement quick wins
Step 5:                   Assess willingness and capability to change
Step 5.1                 Identify who is affected by change
Step 5.2                 Determine what the impact of change is
Step 5.3                Identify capability gaps
Step 5.4                 Predict response to change
Step 5.5                Determine planned action
Step 5.6                Assess impact on infrastructure
Step 5.7                Enhance change plan
Step 6:                  Implement change
Step 6.1                 Keep everyone doing what they are meant to do!
Step 6.2                 Implement your plan
Step 6.3                 Monitor and amend
Step 6.4                 Handle problems 
Step 6.5                 Test solutions
Step 6.6                 Go/no-go decisions and acceptance criteria
Step 6.7                 Announce and celebrate achievements - appropriately!
 Step 7:                   Consolidate change
Step 7.1                 Ensure congruence in performance management
Step 7.2                 Help people adapt
Step 7.3                 Admit mistakes
Step 7.4                 End the change
Step 8                   Manage communications
Step 8.1                Appoint communication manager
Step 8.2                Understand your environment
Step 8.3                Develop key messages
Step 8.4                Identify target audiences
Step 8.5                Build communication activity list
Step 8.6                Determine timing and media
Step 8.7                Allocate communication responsibilities
Step 8.8                Activate communication plan
Step 9                  Prepare for future change
Step 9.1               Review and learn from this change
Step 9.2               Identify next change(s)
Step 9.3               Prepare for continuous change


Richard Newton specializes in complex change problems, helping companies to improve change and project management capabilities. Through his work, whether in strategic, operational or project roles, Richard advocates simple yet highly structured approaches.

Richard splits his time between running his company, Enixus Ltd, and writing.

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