Management Accounting for Decision Makers, 7th edition

By Peter Atrill & Eddie McLaney
June 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273762263
566 Pages, Illustrated
$122.50 paper original

Designed to help you study, Management Accounting for Decision Makers is praised for its clear, accessible and uncluttered style. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of management accounting, with a strong practical emphasis and avoiding excessive technical detail. It has a clear and unequivocal focus on how accounting information can be used to improve the quality of decision making by managers, providing the perfect grounding for the decision makers of the future.

This pack is comprised of a copy of Management Accounting for Decision Makers 7e and an access card with code which will enable students to take advantage of the extra support available in MyAccountingLab. Visit to learn more.



1. Introduction to management accounting 
2. Relevant costs for decision making
3. Cost-volume-profit analysis 
4. Full costing 
5. Costing and pricing in a competitive environment
6. Budgeting 
7. Accounting for control 
8. Making capital investment decisions 
9. Strategic management accounting
10. Measuring performance
11. Managing working capital

Appendix A: Glossary of key terms
Appendix B: Solutions to self-assessment questions
Appendix C: Solutions to review questions
Appendix D: Solutions to selected exercises
Appendix E: Present value table

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