Manager's Manual
Thinking Fast

By Ros Jay
October 2001
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-65298-2
636 pages, illustrated, 7 1/2" x 9 "
$62.50 paper original



Smart thinking is fast thinking. Time is getting tighter. Life is getting faster. Nobody can prepare as well as they would like to. In a hectic world what you need are fast solutions to help you think at the speed of life. This comprehensive manual covers all the major situations you might face with less than the ideal amount of time to prepare; whether you need to conduct an interview, run a team meeting, tackle a budget or prepare a presentation, this is the book to bring you up to speed with minimal fuss. Equipped with simple concrete things to say, do and remember the Fast Thinking Manager has the shine that makes you look as though you've been polishing for weeks. If you're up against the clock, you need fast thinking. Contents include: Appraisal, Proposal, Presentation, Selection Interview, Budget, Team Meeting, Work Overload, Crisis, Finding, Facts, Decision, Difficult People, Project, Discipline, Flying Start, and New Beginner. It's a fast world with tight deadlines and you squeezed in between. What you need are fast solutions to help you think at the speed of life. This essential manual gives the clever tips and vital information you need to make the best of your last minute preparation. You'll look good. They'll never know. The Fast Thinking Managers Manual; it is big and it is clever.

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