2nd edition

By John Naylor
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-67321-1
668 Pages
$95.00 paper original

This text is written for those studying management for the first time. Written in an accessible style and illustrated with a wide variety of diagrams and examples, it encourages its audience to engage in a critical discussion of key themes and concepts of management. The text retains all the strengths of the first edition within a more concise and refined structure.

The foundations of management, its origins and context, are examined in the light of contemporary themes such as globalization, social responsibility, quality and enterprise. Practical applications and examples taken from many sectors, nations and organizational sizes and types both illustrate and challenge taken-for-granted management assumptions and prescriptions.

Key features include: many new cases and examples; a lively discussion on the impact of technology; extensive references to useful websites; an enhanced focus on planning and strategy, as well as organizational structure and design; a strong pedagogical structure to aid and assess learning; Online support- a Companion Website offers further teaching and learning resources including Financial Times articles; self-assessment questions web references; teaching notes and presentation slides.

John Naylor is Head of the Strategy and Management Group at the School of Management, Liverpool John Moores University. He is also author of the text Introduction to Operations Management.

I. MANAGEMENT IN CONTEXT Managers and management Outside the organisation: understanding the environment Inside the organisation: adapting to change
II. ISSUES IN MANAGEMENT 4. Global business: bridging nations and cultures 5. Social responsibility and ethics 6. Managing for quality 7. Enterprise
III. PLANNING AND DECISION MAKING 8. Planning and strategic management 9. Decision making: choosing from alternatives
IV. ORGANISING, LEADING AND COMMUNICATING 10. Organising: principles and design 11. Leadership and motivation 12. Groups and teams 13. Communication in management
V. IMPLEMENTING POLICIES AND PLANS 14. Human resource management 15. Operations management 16. Marketing: managing relations with customers 17. Innovation: from ideas to customer benefits
VI. CONTROL AND CHANGE Control of management processes Control, learning and change

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