Managerial Economics:
An Analysis of Business Issues

Third Edition

By Howard Davies & Pun-Lee Lam
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2001
ISBN: 0-273-64628-1
555 Pages, Illustrated
$115.00 paper original

This new version of the text first published in 1989 stays true to the aims of the first two editions. It provides a clear introduction to Managerial Economics for students who have no previous background in economic analysis and at the same time develops the analysis to a level that is appropriate for second or third year undergraduates or for postgraduate students who are taking the subject for the first time.

The text shows how economic analysis can be of relevance to business decision-making without making pretentious and unjustified claims for its practical application.

As the boundaries between economic analysis and other business disciplines have become blurred, and as economics has made an increasing contribution to the study of marketing and business strategy, so it becomes possible to link the different subjects. This text includes material on:
* 'The marketing mix' and decisions associated with it.
* Game theory.
* The evolving contribution of economics to the analysis of business strategy - from Porter's work on the structural analysis of industries to the resource-based perspective.
* Network industries and the information economy.
* Transactions cost analysis and its applications.

This book is primarily directed towards second and third year undergraduate students of business, management or accounting, who have already completed a basic introductory course in economics. However, it does not assume any prior knowledge and can also be used as a first introduction to managerial economics for postgraduate or post-experience students.

* Includes self-test questions, exercises, essay questions and a solutions section.
* New structure, starting with the firm, followed by the business environment, the analysis of business decisions and two chapters on public policy.
* New chapters on game theory, corporate strategy, the economics of networks and the economics of regulated industries.

1. The Definition and Scope of Managerial Economics
Part I: The Firm.
2. Business Objectives and Basic Models of the Firm
3. The Boundaries of the Firm
4. Ownership and Control of the Firm
5. The Multinational Enterprise
Part II: The Market Environment.
6. Consumer Behaviour
7. Demand and Elasticity
8. Estimating and Forecasting Demand
9. Production and the Determination of Costs
10. Elementary Models of Competitive Structure
11. The Five Forces Approach of Competitive Structure
12. Risk and Uncertainty
Part III: Business Decisions.
13. Game Theory and Oligopoly
14. Pricing in Theory
15. Pricing in Practice
16. Non-Price Competition and the Marketing Mix
17. Investment Decisions and the Cost of Capital
18. Economics and the Analysis of Business Strategy
19. Managerial Economics: The Information Sector and the Internet
Part IV: Public Policy.
20. The Economics of Regulated Industries
21. Competition Policy

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