Mangement Accounting: A Cases Approach

By Jan Bergstrand
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
April 2012
ISBN: 9780273757054
241 Pages
$77.50 Paper Original

With over 40 case studies, Management Accounting: A Cases Approach is an ideal companion for students who want to reinforce and deepen their understanding of management accounting theories by working on real accounting challenges.

The book aims to show what managers need when solving daily problems in management accounting, in a real, practical setting.

It is exceptionally well suited for Master’s programs and Management training programs where participants need to see the usefulness of analysis.

Containing simple to advanced level cases, they are ordered by subject matter such as

· Budgeting and planning

· Cost Accounting

· Internal transfer pricing

· Corporate capital investment decisions




Chapter 1: Budgeting and planning
1.1 Modern Drinks
1.2 Farmer’s Monthly
1.3 Svenberg Furnitures
1.4 Quality Printing
1.5 Grondal Group
1.6 Mountain Wheels
1.7 Three Budgetary Procedures
1.8 Worldwide Group

Chapter 2: Product costing
2.1 Sporting Goods
2.2 Little Shop of Pants
2.3 Electronic Parts Co
2.4 Western Dialysis Clinic
2.5 Metropolitan Transfer
2.6 Road Connections at Barken Lake
2.7 Seaside Breweries

Chapter 3: Internal Transfer Pricing
3.1 Premium Motors
3.2 Cardboard coating
3.3 Superior Pricing
3.4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chapter 4: Corporate Investment Projects
4.1 Hillary Motors
4.2 Modernizing the Distribution company
4.3 Dalecarlia Showboat
4.4 Paper Pulp Production
4.5 Buying Growing Forest
4.6 Interest Rate Sensitivity
4.7 The Beautiful Bridge
4.8 Regulating WACC
4.9 Parabella Kitchenware
4.10 The Superior Power company

Chapter 5: Capital Costs
5.1 The Glamorous Drilling company
5.2 Deregulating Telephones
5.3 Warm and Cosy

Chapter 6: Inventory Management
6.1 The Garage at Korsheden
6.2 Beare Market

Chapter 7: Profit Measurement
7.1 Northern Trucks
7.2 Shareholder Value

Chapter 8: Control System Cases
8.1 Broad Gauge Transports 
8.2 Changing Cars
8.3 Southern Electronics
8.4 Water Treatment Plant
8.5 The Food Ship
8.6 The Broadcasting company
8.7 Rail connections

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