Managing with the Power
of NLP
Neurolinguistic Programming.
A Model for Better Management
2nd Edition

By David Molden
June 2007
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Pearson / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273707912
268 Pages, Illustrated
$62.50 paper original

The human mind is the most powerful computer on earth. We’ve never needed its full capacity more than we do today - demands on managers are ever greater and more complex. The good news is that the key to tapping the full potential of your mind to make you a more effective and efficient manager is available now.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is well established as a powerful tool to develop your potential and make things happen. It can help you create order from chaos, but an order that is capable of changing and evolving in sympathy with the needs of your people and your business. This book will show you how to look beyond conventional teaching models for new ways of developing your management style and skills.

Managing with the Power of NLP demystifies NLP and shows you how to apply it to your daily managerial life for enhanced performance. It enables you to build effective strategies for leadership, communication and innovation and is packed with practical methods, applications and examples to make it easy to gradually implement them. Your team will notice the difference, and so will your boss!

Key to margin symbols        
What skills would you like to master?    
Generative development              
Getting the most from this book  

chapter one  HOW GOOD A MANAGER ARE YOU?  
Your autopilot – is it working for or against you?
How do you respond to problems?      
What do you believe you are managing?    

chapter two  FROM IDEAS TO ACTION      
How well do you communicate?
Your map of reality
How the NLP model of communication works
Your information filters 
How your physiology impacts your results

From here to where you want to be
Creating your direction
Making it happen

chapter four  SELF-MASTERY  
The sixth strategy state
Achieving self-mastery
Orange circle thinking

chapter five  POWER TO THE PEOPLE                     
People power
The business of empowerment
What kind of power do you have?
Generating power
Two important lessons on empowerment
A question of respect
Pacing and leading
The empowering leader
chapter six  EXPLORING YOUR MIND                     
Insights to the way people think
How people interpret what you say
Representation systems
The visual system
The auditory system
The kinaesthetic system
Internal dialogue

chapter seven  THE POWER OF WORDS
Intention, purpose, and outcome        
How true is your language to your experience?  
What’s your chunk size?  
Artfully vague language        
Frame your thinking
Reframe your thinking
Learn to learn with metaphor      
Is what you say congruent with what you do?
chapter eight  INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION                  
Are you a trusting person?
Like me – like you
Sensory information

NLP and Stress Management
NLP and Time Management
NLP and Confidence
NLP and Personal Creativity
NLP and Group Creativity
NLP and Procrastination
NLP and Decision making
NLP and Presenting to Groups
NLP and Motivation
NLP and Meetings
NLP and Project Management
NLP and Managing your Friends
NLP and Building Effective Teams

Concluding thoughts       
Glossary of NLP terms        
David Molden is a director with Quadrant 1, a vehicle for helping people be their best in whatever they pursue. David’s assignments include one on one coaching clients and a range of projects with large corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

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