Managing Change, 6th edition

Book Title

By: Bernard Burnes
February 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273778967
260 Pages
$115.00 Paper Original


Managing Change examines the concept and practice of change within the context of the history, literature and theories of management. In particular, it links the process of change to the strategic development, management and leadership of organisations.

The reader is encouraged to reflect critically on areas such as post-modernism, realism and complexity theory, and explores in depth the influence of culture, power and politics.

The book is aimed at students of change management, strategy and organisational change as part of undergraduate, MBA and MA programmes.


Part 1 The rise and fall of the rational organisation

Chapter 1 From trial and error to the science of management

Chapter 2 Developments in organisation theory

Chapter 3 In search of new paradigms

Chapter 4 Critical perspectives on organisation theory

Chapter 5 Culture, power, politics and choice

Part 2 Strategy development: theory, practice and choice

Chapter 6 Approaches to strategy

Chapter 7 Applying strategy

Part 3 Managing Change: past, present and future

Chapter 8 Change management: fundamental questions for organisations

Chapter 9 Planned change and organization development (OD)

Chapter 10 Developments in change management

Chapter 11 A framework for change

Part 4 Managing choice

Chapter 12 Organisational change and managerial choice- Part 1: The choice process and the trajectory process

Chapter 13 Organisational change and managerial choice - Part 2: The change process

Chapter 14 Management – roles and responsibilities