Managing Change in Organizations, 6th ed.

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By: Colin Carnall & Rune Todnem By
December 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273736417
364 Pages, Illustrated
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Managing Change in Organisations provides a practical and thorough overview of how effective change can be achieved in organizations. The text is ideal for advanced undergraduates, MBA and postgraduate students on courses in managing change and organisational change.

Colin Carnall takes a strategic approach, outlining guidance and techniques for planning and implementing, evaluating and learning from major organizational change. Reviewing traditional and more recent critical theories, he also presents models and frameworks for change that are apt for the complex and fast-moving challenges of contemporary organizations.


Part I: Organization Change: Setting the Context

The challenge of change

Organization structures: choice and leadership

The transformation perspective

Part II: Theories of Organization Change

4 Theories of change: traditional models

5 Theories of change: critical perspectives

6 Theories of change: strategic management models

Part III: Themes and Issues in Organization Change

Organizations in the twenty-first century: the value-added organization

Sustaining organizational effectiveness

Leadership in practice

10 The learning organization

11 Strategies for change

Part IV: Change Management Techniques

12 Diagnosing change

13 Managing major changes

14 Change architecture

15 A strategy for organizational effectiveness

Part V: Strategic Change

16 Learning from change

17 Culture models and organization change

18 Strategic convergence: a new model for organizational change

19 Strategies for corporate transformation