Manipulating Meetings, 2nd Edition
How to Get What You Want, When You Want It

By David Martin
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2000
ISBN: 0-273-64500-5
218 Pages, 6 3/4" x 8 1/4"
$35.50 paper original

Manipulating Meetings shows how to use meetings to your best advantage so that every meeting is an opportunity, not a chore. It provides the best and most successful techniques to enable you to achieve your objectives, including- how to decide if your meeting is really necessary, chair and control meetings effectively, and compose dynamic agendas. It gives practical advice on dealing with time wasters, ambushes and bullies, whilst getting your own point across clearly and getting your own way. Take advantage of over 100 real life case studies and strategic advice. Become the leader in meetings. Make every meeting an opportunity to get what you want. This manual shows readers how to get their own way in a meeting and get their point across. It gives practical and tactical advice on how to deal with ambushes, time wasters and bullies.

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