Mastering Executive Education
How to Combine Content with Context & Emotion.
The IMD Guide

Edited By Paul Strebel & Tracey Keys
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
December 2005
ISBN: 0273705024
512 Pages, Illustrated, 6 ¼” x 9 ½”
$115.00 Hardcover

The case method employed by the Harvard Business School has been the dominant business school pedagogy for years. But as we all know, that method and other similar methods have come under attack recently, most noticeably and effectively by Henry Mintzberg's Manager not MBAS.
The IMD Guide is the state-of-the-art of executive education techniques. At its centre is an introduction to learning scripts, a high impact teaching pedagogy designed specifically for experienced adults as opposed to recent graduates. All based on contemporary psychological research into the way the brain learns.

Chapter 1: High Impact Learning
Part I: Drivers of Great Learning Sessions
Chapter 2: Emotional Highs
Chapter 3: Energizing Roles
Chapter 4: Session Scripting
Part II: Drivers of Great Learning Programs
Chapter 5: Real World Context
Chapter 6: 3 Dimensional Learning
Chapter 7: Program Scripting
Part III: Developing Learning Materials
Chapter 8 Writing an Effective Case for Executive Programs
J. B. Kassarjian and Kamran Kashani
Chapter 9 Real World. Real Learning. Real Video!
Peter Killing
Chapter 10 Nurturing Corporate Entrepreneurship: Meeting the Pedagogical challenge
Bala Chakravarthy and Peter Lorange
Chapter 11 Teaching Culture with the Cultural Perspectives Questionnaire
Martha Maznevski
Chapter 12 Learning for Leadership: The “Engineering” and “Clinical” Approaches
Gianpiero Petriglieri and Jack D. Wood
Chapter 13 On Coaches, Counselors, Facilitators and Behavioral Consultants
Gianpiero Petriglieri and Jack D. Wood
Chapter 14 Snapshot of Creative and Innovative Approaches
Part IV: Learning Scripts for Sessions
Building Intellectual Awareness
Chapter 15 Teaching Finance from a General Management Perspective
Jim Ellert
Chapter 16 Teaching the Business Value of IT to Non-IT Executives
Don Marchand
Chapter 17 Using a Case to Make Participants Experience
the Intensity of a Fierce 'Product Battle'
Jean Philippe Deschamps
Building Emotional Awareness
Chapter 18 Running Effective Study Groups
Ralf W. Seifert and Dominique Turpin
Chapter 19 Exercise on coordination in global organizations
Philip Rosenzweig
Chapter 20 Beyond “Fun and Games”: Outdoor Activities
for Meaningful Leadership Development
Gianpiero Petriglieri and Jack D. Wood
Chapter 21 Developing Global Managers: Integrating Theory, Behavior, Data and Performance
Joe DiStefano
Driving into Action-Based Application
Chapter 22 Negotiation Simulations: A Dynamic Learning Tool
Bettina Büchel
Chapter 23 Deep Dives
Andrew Boynton and William Fischer
Chapter 24 Entrepreneurship at the Core: The MBA and EMBA Startup Projects Experiences
Benoît Leleux and Jim Pulcrano
Chapter 25 Philosophy, Approach and Results from ICPs
Jan Kubes
Chapter 26 Apply Theory to New Worlds: Executive MBA Discovery Expeditions
John Walsh
Chapter 27 Effective Action Learning Projects at Global Companies
Kazuo Ichijo
Chapter 28 Project Learning from Booster Program Projects
Xavier Gilbert
Chapter 29 Client Initiated Projects in Partnership Programs
Robert Collins
Part V: Learning Scripts for Programs

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