Mathematics for Economics & Business

4th Edition

By Ian Jacques
Pearson Education Limited / Prentice Hall
June 2003
ISBN: 0-273-65564-7
677 Pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4" x 9 "
$85.00 paper original


This text is suitable for first year economics, business and accountancy students taking introductory level maths courses. Mathematics for Economics and Business provides a thorough foundation in mathematical methods for economics, business studies and accountancy students. Assuming little prior knowledge, this informal and friendly text is suitable for those who have not studied maths in depth before. The wide range of material and self-study approach also makes it appropriate for use on higher level courses. This text recognizes the fact that there is often a wide range of experience on 1st year economics courses and will be suitable for low to more advanced level. Topics are divided into one or two hour sessions to help students work at a realistic pace. The book has fully worked examples throughout the text and many problems and practice problems, all with fully worked solutions, which help build student confidence. There are numerous economic and business applications relate maths to the real world. This book provides more opportunity for students to practice than any other textbook. "What students need is to practice, practice, practice; and Jacques offers more opportunity for practice than other textbooks" June Lewis, Sheffield University.

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