Maximizing Strategic Opportunities
from Mobile Communications Technology
Management Briefings Executive Series

By Sandra Kay Miller
Financial Times / Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
April 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65914-6
120 Pages, Illustrated
$197.50 paper original

What lies behind the hype and panic surrounding mobile communications technology? Is there a huge benefit to be had for your company from developing a mobile solution both for B2B and B2C applications? Mobile communications technology is changing the world and creating huge business opportunities. The winners at the end of the present technology sector slowdown will be those companies who have invested in the evolution of mobile technology. This briefing provides detailed analysis of the current and future state of the mobile communications marketplace and gives inside guidance on how to evaluate the benefits for your business. It offers thought leadership for the mobile market, especially in prospective high growth areas and features case studies of how new entrants have toppled established players.

The state of the market Open communications systems Virtual concepts in the wireless world What is available in the mobile market today? Key wireless technologies Wireless operating systems How businesses are using mobile technology Existing implementations Next-generation technology - what's after WAP and when? Leveraging the power of wireless Case study: Wireless grocery shopping (B2C) at Safeway Case study: Tightening the supply chain (B2B) at Wesco International Key issues and trends The importance of security Security options Emerging wireless markets Bandwidth Electronic messaging trends Mobile checklist How will your business benefit from mobile? The right wireless solution Choosing wireless technologies Making it all work together Implementing mobile solutions Evaluating and selecting the right wireless technology Critical success factors Wireless business requirement checklist Mobile project management Measuring success Using mobile to change and re-engineer the business Major change opportunities with mobile Case study: CMP Media puts its applications where its mouth is Case study: Point of purchase payment at sports stadiums in the USA Case study: Carlson Hotels Worldwide wireless hospitality Case study: Wireless eBay

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