Operations Strategy, 3rd edition

By Nigel Slack & Michael Lewis
January 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273740445
434 Pages, Illustrated
$115.00 Paper Original

Operations Strategy is focused on the interaction between operational resources and external requirements. Companies such as Apple, Google and Tesco have transformed their prospects through the way they manage their operations resources strategically, turning their operations capabilities into a formidable asset. These and other examples in this book illustrate the broad and long-term issues of Operations Strategy that complement the more operational, immediate, tangible and specific issues that define Operations Management. Building on concepts from strategic management, operations management, marketing and HRM, this text offers a clear, well-structured and interesting insight into the more advanced topic of Operations Strategy in a variety of business organisations.

1 What is operations strategy?

2 Operations performance

3 Capacity strategy

4 Supply network strategy

5 Process technology strategy

6 Improvement strategy

7 Product and service development and organization

8 The process of operations strategy – sustainable alignment

9 The process of operations strategy – substitutes for strategy?

10 The process of operations strategy – implementation?

Case studies

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