Organizational Behaviour, 4th edition
An Introductory Text

By Andrzej Huczynski & David Buchanan
Financial Times / Pearson Education
September 2001
ISBN: 0-273-651021
916 Pages, Illustrated
$79.50 paper original

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Fully revised edition of this successful text offers a definitive, multidisciplinary, social science based approach to organizational behaviour. The content is academically rigorous, with an engaging and interesting style. It provides readers with concepts, theories, models and frameworks to help understand behaviour in organizations. Readers are encouraged to challenge current thinking in relation to their own ideas and experiences, exploring other perspectives. The text also shows how organization behaviour ideas and methods apply in practical settings.

Chapters include: The world outside. Technology. Learning. Personality. Communication. Perception. Motivation. Group information. Group structure. Individuals in groups. Teamworking. Traditional work design. Elements of structure. Early organization design. Organization strategy and design. Organization development. Organizational change. Organization culture. Human resource management. Leadership. Decision making. Conflict. Power and Politics. References. Glossary.

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