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Portfolio of Manufacturing Audits, 13 volumes, including CD-ROM

Edited by Baumhardt & Partner
November 1999
Cambridge Strategy Publications Ltd
ISBN: 1-902433-29-7
968 pages, illustrated
$825.00 set, paper original

Company Self-Assessment Audits

The Portfolio of
Manufacturing Audits

Executive Summary

The Portfolio of Manufacturing Audits comes in 3 main sections:

  1. The AuditGuide - an indispensable guide to using the Portfolio and getting the best results from the self-assessment audits.

  2. Ten stand-alone self-assessment audits - covering each of the core functions in any manufacturing operation. These can be completed by a small audit team (3-4 people) without the need for any special training or any external consultancy. The results combine to let you see right inside each of your company's principal manufacturing departments and divisions to identify problem areas and create effective and highly-targeted improvement plans.

  3. The Encyclopedia of Manufacturing Best Practices - detailing over 200 best practice tools, methods and systems which should be used by any manufacturing firm. The Encyclopedia is designed to be used alongside the audits.

With the Portfolio you also receive - at no extra charge - a fully functioning, interactive CD-ROM containing an electronic version of the audits and the Encyclopedia. Using the CD-ROM your audit team can automate the scoring and reporting and build up year-on-year comparisons if you decide to repeat the audits at regular intervals to measure improvement.

Finally, when you buy the Portfolio, you also receive automatic free membership of the Audit Network - a ready-made benchmarking network of companies around the world which are also using the Portfolio.

Drive productivity costs down
Tried-and-tested in Europe since the early 1990s, the Portfolio will enable you to increase your production volume by at least 30% and drive down operating costs by up to 30%.

Use The Portfolio of Manufacturing Audits to:

  • Measure - and improve - performance across your business - then run the self-assessments again to measure improvement.
  • Pinpoint problems before they happen - and put things right.
  • Implement world-class best practices.
  • Analyse departments and processes to identify weaknesses and target improvements.
  • Ensure the management team has hands-on control of every aspect of your company.
  • Implement changes that will boost customer satisfaction, quality and bottom-line profits.
  • Compare results with other manufacturers.
  • Align your overall business strategy with your company's needs and strengths.

Developed by one of Europe's leading manufacturing consultants

You can be certain the audits will work effectively in your firm. They have been tested with companies like Philips, Pivco and Digital Equipment over the last 8 years.


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