Procurement Principles & Management,
10th edition
(Previously entitled Purchasing Principles & Management)

By Peter Bailey
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
October 2008
ISBN: 9780273713791
464 Pages
$127.50 paper original

Previously entitled 'Purchasing Principles and Management' this book has been essential reading and the standard text for practitioners and students of the subject of purchasing or procurement for nearly 40 years.

This new tenth edition continues to cover the continuous change and development in the field of Purchasing and care is taken to balance new emerging philosophies with the proven and established thinking and practice in the profession. This book will provide the reader with a reflection of sound mainstream practice combined with comment and insight into developing ideas and approaches.

This edition includes:

New chapters on outsourcing, corporate social responsibility and e-procurement systems,

Well-integrated new material on time compression, global sourcing and contract performance measurement,

New case studies plus mini-cases dotted throughout chapters to reflect themes from the text in actual supply management practice around the world,

New Research boxes within chapters to link academic research and procurement industry practice,

New PowerPoint Slides and an Instructor's Manual for Lecturers teaching the subject.


Preface PART ONE: OBJECTIVES AND DEVELOPMENT   1. Purchasing scope and development 2. Strategic procurement and supply chain management 3. Public sector procurement

PART TWO: KEY PROCUREMENT ISSUES 4. Outsourcing 5. Quality management 6. Inventory management 7. Lead time and time Compression 8. Sourcing strategies and relationships 9. Price and total cost of ownership 10. Negotiations PART THREE: APPLICATIONS 11. Project procurement 12. Procurement of commodities 13. International and global sourcing 14. Capital procurement 15. Retail procurement and efficient consumer response (ECR) 16. Services procurement 17. Corporate social responsibility PART FOUR: E-PROCUREMENT SYSTEMS AND CONTRACT MANAGEMENT 18. E-procurement systems 19. Contract management and performance measurement

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