Project Management & Project
Network Techniques, 7th edition

By Keith Lockyer & James Gordon
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
August 2005
ISBN: 0273693786
272 Pages, Illustrated
$62.50 paper original

Taking a technical approach, this text looks at what defines a project and at the various techniques available to project managers. Focusing on: the introduction of project management in established industrial concerns, risk assessment and quality in projects, the four phases of a project, and project management techniques such as Activity-on-Arrow and Activity-on-Node networks. This book is suitable for project management students on a business or engineering course.

1. Introduction
2 Projects and company organizational structures
3. Project organization
4. Planning the project
5. Quality and reliability management in projects
6. Projects and procurement
7. Projects and risk management
8. Examining the project
9. Controlling time
10. Controlling cash
11. Drawing the activity-on-arrow network
12. Drawing the activity-on-node network
13. Analyzing the activity-on-arrow network
14. Analyzing the activity-on-node network
15. Precedence networks - multiple dependency AON
16. The network and the bar chart
17. Resource analysis I
18. Resource analysis II
19. Line of balance and elemental trend analysis
20. Some practical considerations

" Contains numerical and essay-style questions
" Includes a comprehensive glossary of terms.
" Diagrammatic explanations.
" Activity-on-arrow and activity-on-node networks analysis.

Additional Support Material Companion website with lecturer resources, including answers to questions in the text.

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