Quantitative Methods for Business & Management

By John Buglear
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
April 2012
ISBN: 9780273736288
466 Pages, Illustrated
$79.50 Paper Original

Quantitative Methods for Business and Management Studentstakes you on a journey though the techniques required to succeed in business and management. With a user-friend accessible writing style, John Buglear presents these techniques simply and provides numerous examples to enable you to relate the theory to real-life applications.


List of self-assembly guides

Guided tour

Introduction: the Quantitative Methods road map


Chapter 1 Rules of the road: The basic techniques

Chapter 2 Straight ahead - linear models

Chapter 3 Around the bend - dealing with the curves

Chapter 4 Filling up - fuelling quantitative analysis

Chapter 5 Good visibility - pictorial presentation of data

Chapter 6 General directions - summarising data

Chapter 7 Two-way traffic - investigating relationships between two variables using correlation and regression

Chapter 8 Counting the cost - summarising money variables over time

Chapter 9 Long distance - analysing time series data

Chapter 10 Is it worth the risk - introducing probability

Chapter 11 Finding the right way - analysing decisions

Chapter 12 Accidents and incidence - discrete probability distributions and simulation

Chapter 13 Smooth running - continuous probability distributions and basic queuing theory

Chapter 14 Getting from A to B - project planning using networks

Chapter 15 Taking short cuts - sampling methods

Chapter 16 Test driving - sampling theory, estimation and hypothsis testing

Chapter 17 High performance - statistical inference for comparing population means and bivariate data

Chapter 18 Going off-road - managing quantitative research for projects and dissertations#

Appendix 1 Statistical and Accounting tables

Appendix 2 Answers to review questions


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