Quantitative Methods
for Decision Makers
4th Edition

By Mik Wisniewski
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
September 2005
ISBN: 0273687891
616 Pages, Illustrated
$115.00 paper original

Appealing both to students on introductory courses for quantitative methods and MBA and post-experience students, this respected text provides an accessible, practical introduction to an area that students often find difficult. Concentrating on helping students to understand the relevance of quantitative methods of analysis to managers' decision-making, it focuses on the development of appropriate skills and understanding of how the techniques fit into the wider management process.

1. Introduction
2. Tools of the trade
3. Presenting management information
4. Management statistics
5. Probability and probability distributions
6. Decision making under uncertainty
7. Market research and statistical inference
8. Quality control and quality management
9. Forecasting 1: Moving averages and time series
10. Forecasting 2: Regression
11. Linear programming
12. Stock control
13. Project management
14. Simulation
15. Financial decision-making
A. Binomial distribution
B. Areas in the tail of the Normal distribution
C. Areas in the tail of the t distribution
D. Areas in the tail of the x2 distribution
E. Areas in the tail of the
F distribution
F. Solutions to chapter activities

" Student-friendly, non-theoretical approach that requires only a limited level of ability in maths.
" Uses real-life case studies (from a diverse range of companies including ICI and the NHS), which bring the techniques introduced in the text to life.
" Focuses on both private and public sector management.
" The material is made easy to understand and assimilate through the use of fully worked examples at the end of each chapter, which illustrate in detail how the techniques explained in the chapter can contribute to management decision making.
" Real-life material from Financial Times or Cap Gemini included in every chapter. Additional Support Material
" Instructor's manual with solutions to the exercises in the text.
" Companion website where students can download additional exercises and lecturer's can obtain password protected resources.

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