Role of the Executive
Project Sponsor
Management Briefings Executive Series

By Robert Buttrick
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65945-6
180 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$197.50 paper original

Projects are now widely used in organizations as vehicles for change, or development of new products. However, not even the best project manager supported by a superb team, can guarantee success. They require the leadership and direction of a good Project Sponsor. The "sponsor" is management terminology for a senior executive, nominally in charge of the project but with little day to day involvement in the minutiae. Their role is to champion the project at board level, secure funding and ensure that the project manager is able to deliver the project on time and on budget. Most senior executives have not had formal training in project management tools and techniques.

This briefing is an essential guide to what the role entails. It provides you with:
-The knowledge of what business-led project management is and why it is so effective
-The confidence to direct projects effectively and successfully
-The key tools (including measurement tools) to use which will greatly enhance the likelihood of success

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