Rules of Management
A Definitive Code for Managerial Success

By Richard Templar
Financial Times/ Pearson Education Limited
April 2005
ISBN: 0273695169
226 Pages, 5 " x 8 "
$32.95 Paper Original

Some people seem to be naturally great managers. They glide effortlessly onwards and upwards through all the politics, the system, the people problems, the impossible targets, the work overload and all the nonsense that goes on. They say the right thing; do the right thing and know how to handle every situation. Is there something they do that we don't? Is it a natural ability or something we could all learn? Is there a secret to managerial success? Yes... and all is revealed in The Rules of Management.

These rules cover how you relate to people and how you conduct yourself. They underpin all of your behavior and your actions. This is the book for you if you want to be successful and still be able to live with yourself, sleep nights and be regarded as a thoroughly nice person by your team, your colleagues and your boss. The Rules of Management is written in a light, entertaining, easy-to-read style that is easy to dip into, accessible and informative. This is a practical book with lots of good advice, common sense, examples, workable tips and hints to make your managerial life smooth and effective.

" Can be benchmarked against the incredibly successful Rules of Work: 40,000 copies in just 20 months.
" A slim easy read volume offering a promise of greater success. A format proven to be extremely successful and popular.
" A smart, simple and effective guidebook to being an effective manager, whilst being able to sleep at night.
" People love rules. They buy in to the idea that there is a secret formula for success and they want to know what it is.
" Management is what millions of people do, but very few find it easy - this title has huge market appeal.

Author Information:
Richard Templar is the author of the international bestseller Rules of Work. Richard's later career has included both senior managerial roles in different sectors and starting up businesses. His managerial experiences have been dissected and analysed enabling him to pick out the secret rules that separate the brilliant managers from the average and the downright poor.

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