The Definitive Guide to the New Social Standard

By Deborah Leipziger
August 2001
ISBN: 0-273-65377-6
Pearson Education
$29.00 Hardcoverl

SA8000 is a global code of conduct form making the workplace more humane.

SA8000: The Definitive Guide is a practical guide on implementing social codes of conduct in order to develop management systems, strategy, and training to enhance working conditions. Including: Case studies of companies who are working with SA8000, including Toys "R" Us, Avon, Otto Versand and Dole How to conduct a risk analysis to assess which suppliers may not be complying with labour standards Linkages between social, environmental, and quality audits How becoming socially accountable can increase productivity and efficiency, and help create new markets and attract new customers How to work with non-governmental organisations to promote the social responsibility of the company and better relationships with the local community.

"Toys "R" Us believes SA8000 is the best initiative for our businesses… once fully adopted by suppliers, it will permit organisations like Toys "R" Us to rely on the certification process in lieu of performing in-house compliance reviews of suppliers." Tom DeLuca, Toys "R" Us, Director of Product Development & Safety Assurance "SA8000 is a significant contribution to corporate accountability and Deborah Leipziger's book will be an enormously useful aid to all those managers who are dealing with the new corporate citizenship agenda. 'How do I implement my company's commitment to improve workplace standards and prevent human rights abuses?' If you want to learn from a pioneer here is a must buy." Dr Malcolm McIntosh, Director Corporate Citizenship Unit, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick " The revolution in communications in this past decade has alerted consumers to the downsides of globalisation. Increasingly, they dislike what they are seeing and now turning their shopping carts into vehicles for social change.

"SA8000: The Definitive Guide is an essential resource for the introduction and operation of a important new management tool. "Neil Kearney, Secretary General for the International Textile, Garment, and Leather Workers' Federation 'A must-have, must-read guide for Citizen CEOs and their corporations.' John Elkington, Chair, SustainAbility "For business SA8000 is an important step in improving the quality of its processes. For exploited workers all over the world SA8000 is nothing less than the next stage in the process of civilisation. This book provides managers with all the information they need to be a force for good, while improving business results. Many companies want to do well by doing good. SA8000 provides them with an opportunity to do so.

" This book is an absolute must." Professor, Dr Harry Hummels, Universiteit Nyenrode, The Netherlands Business School

"An indispensable 'roadmap' for SA8000 implementation in different industry sectors and regions, and a 'must-read' for any company or corporate stakeholder interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities of social auditing." Jane Nelson, Director Business Leadership and Strategy at The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum

"This book is the only road map you will need to drive your company towards the competitive advantages of SA8000." Dorianne Beyer, General Counsel, National Child Labor Committee

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