Smart Luck & the Seven Other
Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

By Andrew Davidson
With Photographs by Harry Borden
Financial Times / Pearson Education
April 2004
ISBN: 0273681273
240 Pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4" x 8 1/4"
$39.50 Paper Original

Everybody wants to know why life's winners are so successful- how did they do it?, why they do it?, what makes them different? All of us are fascinated by the lives and backgrounds of the rich (and sometimes famous). Behind every entrepreneur is a story. Andrew Davidson has interviewed dozens of leading entrepreneurs over many years. He has asked the questions we all want to ask.

He has probed into their backgrounds, delved into their psyche. Compared, contrasted and considered just what it is about them that makes them different. Here he pulls together all the information, and takes an overall look at the bigger picture and what we can learn from the living giants, who did it their way. Davidson interprets the psychology of success, telling the entrepreneurs' stories in their own words, and the words of the people closest to them. For anybody with a will to succeed or a fascination as to how others do this combination is unputdownable.

Table of contents: Nurtured nature, Divine energy, Sly ambition, Soft resilience, Driven discipline, Detoured brains, Double vision, Smart Luck Featuring (among others)- Richard Branson Anita Roddick Alan Sugar Charlie Dunstone Simon Woodruffe Felix Dennis Reuben Singh.

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