Solving Your Company's
Corporate Governance Issues

By A. Clarke
Nov. 1998
ISBN: 0-273-63719-3
$187.50 Paper Original

Effective corporate governance has become a central corporate goal but what does it really entail and how can you achieve it? Solving Your Company’s Corporate Governance Issues provides you with an executive summary of this important business issue. It sets corporate governance in context, considers the various existing models and examines the future trends.

With the aid of this report you will be able to quickly identify the key concerns for your business; recognise ‘warning signals’ of any potential problems; analyse risk assessment; pinpoint the priorities for your company and implement a corporate governance management plan. Contents- What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance for the board Corporate governance for the company’s auditors Financial issues Corporate governance for the shareholders Corporate governance for the company’s employees Corporate governance and the company’s regulators Emerging and future trends Plus Glossary of terms Case studies

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