Strategy Bites Back
It is Far More, And Less, Than You Ever Imaginedů

By Henry Mintzberg, et al.
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
May 2005
ISBN: 0273693468
304 Pages, Illustrated, 6 ╝" x 9 ╝"
$67.50 Paper Original

Strategy is really all about being different. Thinking about it shouldn't make you reach for the snooze button, but in the world of strategy everybody has become so serious. If that gets us better strategies, fine. But it doesn't; we get worse ones-predictable, generic, uninspiring, dull. Strategy doesn't only have to position; it also has to inspire. So an uninspiring strategy is really no strategy at all. The most interesting and most successful companies are not boring.

They have novel, creative, inspiring, sometimes even playful strategies. By taking the whole strategy business less seriously, they end up with more serious results-and have some fun in the bargain. Strategy Bites Back invites you to encounter a diverse and unlikely set of voices with something sharp to say about strategy --- from Michael Porter and Peter Drucker to Coco Channel's "little black dress". Taken together these perspectives will provide you with new and dramatically different angles from which to attack the world of strategy. This book is for everyone involved with strategy - manager, CEO, consultant, professor, student - who wants to see strategy more broadly, more deeply and more playfully. Strategy with a difference starts here, and why not have a good time reading a strategy book for a change?

Author Information:
Henry Mintzberg Henry Mintzberg normally bites back on issues of management, organization, and corporate social irresponsibility (i.e., shareholder value), as well as management education and strategy. (Managers not MBAs, with Berrett-Koehler in the US and Financial Times Prentice Hall in Europe was his last book.) He managed to get a PhD in management at MIT and has slipped about 130 articles past unsuspecting editors. He is the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University.

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