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Total Quality Portfolio, 6 volumes

Edited by Strategic Decisions
Cambridge Strategy Publications Ltd
November 1995
ISBN: 3-952001-35-X
640 pages, illustrated
$825.00 set, paper original

Company Self-Assessment Audits

The Total Quality

Executive Summary

Join the "Quality Winners"... dramatically increase market share, customer loyalty and profits... and MAKE QUALITY PAY RICH REWARDS.

The Total Quality Portfolio is a complete Quality toolkit. It includes Briefing Papers, Self-Assessment Audits, Vital Checklists, and Project Team Guides - from the world's leading authorities. All the research, preparation and analysis has been done for you. The toolkit is ready-to-use. Here's what it contains:

The Total Quality Handbook

Launch a Quality program that gets World-Class results - and increased profits.

The Cost of Quality Audit
Eliminate the hidden costs of Non-Quality.

Plan for Maximum Profits
Critical success factors that will guarantee increased profits from Quality.

The Quality Project Alert
The early-warning signals for any Quality initiative in danger of costing more than it earns.

Continuous Quality Improvement
Measure, record and build-on early results. Set new targets and achieve them.

Total Quality in Action
Learn the lessons of 32 companies that became "Quality Winners".

Get these tools into the hands of key managers and project teams... they'll start earning money for your organization from Day 1.

Learn the secrets of the "Quality Winners" and get breakthrough Quality results

The Total Quality Portfolio offers a tried-and-tested route to Quality - a route which really works. It has worked in countless businesses around the world - now you can put it to work in your own business.

  1. The Portfolio combines the experience of many of the world's leading Quality consultants and practitioners. Its expert writers include * McKinsey & Co. * Rath & Strong * American Productivity & Quality Center * Crosby Associates * British Deming Association * Juran Institute * Arthur D. Little * A.T. Kearney * British Standards Institution * EFQM. Together these organizations have unparalleled experience of what works - and what doesn't - with Total Quality.

  2. The Portfolio draws on the experience of 32 world-class companies who have already made Total Quality work for them. You'll learn first-hand from companies like Philips, Avis, Dow Corning and Caterpillar.

  3. The Portfolio presents practical Quality-implementation tools (like the self-assessment audit, the Project Planner and The Project Alert) which have been specifically designed to give you measurable results fast - saving you the time and expense of learning by trial and error.


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