Understanding Organisational
Context, 2nd edition
Inside & Outside Organisations

By Claire Capon
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-67660-1
444 Pages
$85.00 paper original

This text is aimed at students taking an introductory module on BA and HND Business Studies courses and those studying business as part of any degree course. It is also suitable for post-experience or postgraduate students requiring an introductory text to organizations, their behavior and activities. The book examines the internal environment of organizations -- their structure, behavior, culture, resources and functions -- before showing how they manage their external environment.

It features--for the student-- full support in the learning process with lively discussion topics and relevant examples throughout the text to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills; a website with further questions and resources to reinforce and assess progress--for the lecturer- comprehensive analysis of the business environment both inside and outside the organization; guidance, support and additional activities and ideas on a secure website, as well as an online course by the same author.

The fully updated second edition offers a new chapter on organizational behavior; many new case studies and examples; extensive weblinks and further references for each chapter; brand new glossary of key terms; business ethics case study in each chapter; comprehensive web-based support for lecturer and student

Claire Capon is Senior Lecturer in the Business School at Staffordshire University, where she teaches strategy. She previously taught at Sheffield Hallam University and has also worked as a researcher in the areas of strategic management and the use of design by SMEs.

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