Web Presence
Creating an eBusiness Out of Chaos

By Peter Small
Pearson Education Limited / Prentice Hall
October 2001
ISBN: 0-273-65415-2
384 Pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4" x 8 "
$79.50 paper original

This book presents a new strategy for developing an ebusiness. It argues that the initial focus should be on the principle purpose of any ebusiness - creating wealth and value, not only for the ebusiness but for the customer as well. This idea of collaboration and co-creation lies at the heart of creating and retaining a profitable presence in the ebusiness world - a web presence. Collaborative associations are the key elements to success - it costs very little to set up a community of this sort, and the wealth-creating opportunities developed in this way will then attract capital and funding. Identify your customers and partners, communicate with them to develop and create wealth and value, evolve with the market, and then reap the profits!

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