Why Acquisitions Fail

Practical Advice for Making Acquisitions Succeed
Financial Times Management Briefings Series

By Denzil Rankine
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 2001
ISBN: 0-273-653644
256 Pages
$235.00 paper original

When acquisitions go disastrously wrong they can bring down the entire company. Equally, astute acquirers can achieve excellent growth or even transform their businesses through successful acquisition. This briefing is a definitive guide to avoiding the pitfalls of acquisition. It is based on practical experience and is also backed by an independent survey of over 350 transactions and over 70 case studies. The briefing highlights the 20 main reasons for failure. These are grouped in the five phases of any acquisition; starting from initial planning through to the completion of integration.

Contents include: Executive summary. Flawed business logic. Flawed understanding of the new business. Flawed deal management. Flawed integration management. Flawed corporate development. Checklist for success.

A mistake in any one of these areas can be enough to turn a potentially successful acquisition into a disaster.

Denzil Rankine is founder and chief executive of AMR International, a London-based strategy consultancy specialising in acquisition; over the past 20 years he has advised on 500 acquisitions in 32 countries.

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