Word on Business
It's an Information Economy -- Be a Smart Informer

By Jenny Luesby
August 2001
ISBN: 0-273-64411-4
Pearson Education
$27.00 Paper original

In the twenty-first century, the difference between rich and poor, success and failure, is knowledge. The new economy is not about information, itís about communication, and most of that communication is about business. Newspapers, television, books, information services, and now the internet surround us with business news and information. Yet all this effort is wasted if the information that is put out interests no-one and is read nowhere. The key to effective communication is making sure that your audiences are the winners. The Word on Business spells out what people want from business information, and how to hook their attention. Working with press releases, news and analysis, it shows how serving consumers works for individual companies and news services, too. It shows how to put together information that makes economies ride more smoothly, allows readers to flourish on change and assists businesses in creating more wealth.

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