e-Commerce & the Law

The Legal Implications of Doing Business Online
Financial Times Executive Briefings Series

By Andrew Sparrow
Financial Times / Pearson Education
November 2000
ISBN: 0-273-64565-X
133 Pages
$175.00 paper original

Every business has plenty of information, but do you have the right information when you need it? Executive Briefings concentrate on delivering actionable information, designed to help executives ask the right questions, make the right decisions and take the right action. Whatever the opportunity or challenge that your business faces, an Executive Briefing will give you the insight to evaluate the situation and the tools to implement change.

Chapters include: The business potential of the Internet; How to set up your e-commerce business; How to form an electronic contract; How to make and accept payment over the Internet; How to authenticate contracts concluded over the Internet; How to manage your company's e-mail risks; How to protect your intellectual property over the Internet; Advertising and the Internet; Data protection and the Internet.

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