4th Edition

By Frank Jenkins and Daniel Yadin
Mar. 1999
ISBN: 0-273-63435-6
$59.50 Paper Original

This best-selling book looks at the structure and the organization of the industry, how campaigns are constructed and costed, the various methods of promotion, above-the-line and below-the-line costs, legal and ethical issues, market research and much, much more.

Contents include: History. Definitions. Costs. Marketing mix. Communication process. Ad compaigns. Ad department. Consumer advertising. Business-to-business advertising. Trade advertising. Retail advertising. Financial advertising. Recruitment advertising. The ad agency. Commission system. Service agencies. Media independents. Al la carte agencies. Personnel. Agency jargon. Media above-the-line. The press. Radio. TV. Alternative TV. Cinema. Outdoor and Transport. Media below-the-line. Sales promotion. Sponsorship. Direct mail. Exhibitions. Copywriting. Layout and Type. Printing processes. Public relations. Corporate advertising. Corporate identity. Advertising research. Law and ethics of advertising. Planning an ad campaign. The advertiser and the internet. Glossary.

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