Asian Branding
A Great Way to Fly

By Ian Batey
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
April 2002
ISBN: 0-13-066466-9
424 Pages, Illustrated
$72.50 paper original

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Written by Ian Batey, the creator of the Singapore Girl and Asia's most respected practitioner in the field this book is your essential resource for building a brand with staying power in Asia. Batey crusades a massive global marketing war in which Asian brands rise from nothing to beat Western and Japanese power brands at their own game. He identifies how a diverse range of products and commodities in Asia, Australia and India can become global power brands.

What you need are focused applications of the three C's: Creativity, Courage and Confidence. The book leads readers through the Asian marketing minefield, sharing the step-by-step strategic processes of famous market leaders. It takes you behind the scenes for a glimpse of Singapore Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Shangri-La Hotels, Singapore Tourism Board, Tiger Beer, United Overseas Bank, and more. The author delivers page after page of practical and inspiring guidance, spiced with his often, irreverent wit and illuminated with brand-building ads, unique charts and diagrams. Ian Batey and his advertising agency are Asian legends. He is the man behind Asia's best-known brand - the Singapore Airlines Girl.

He has campaigned for many causes, including the arts, education, the environment and served on Singapore's National Council Against Drugs Abuse. In 1990, the Wall Street Journal nominated Batey as one of the leading advertising personalities in Asia. Media & Marketing magazine, Hong Kong, elected him as Asia's Top Ad Man of the Year 1997. In 1998, his agency was hailed Asia's most creative by Campaign Brief. In 1999, he received the first Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Institute of Advertising Singapore. As the agency's Chairman Emeritus, Batey now has time to indulge his passions - travel, art and grandchildren.


"Three decades of covering the region has convinced me there is one advertising expert in Asia who stands above all others. Batey leads the pack in building Asian companies into global brands and has finally shared the secrets in this fascinating blueprint for success. His depth of knowledge of Asian markets resonates on every page. A must read for Asian executives with products or services to market which Western brand owners will ignore at their peril."
- Reginald Brack, Former Chairman and CEO, Time, Inc

"Ian Batey has a commanding view of the Asian marketing and advertising scene. He is the ONE author qualified to write a book about Asian brand building...his famous campaign for the Singapore Girl built an Asian icon known the world over. Ian had, and then maximized, an unusual opportunity, which was when Singapore Airlines delivered even more to the consumer than the advertising promised (the brand builders dream!). From that, all the following success stories that Batey Ads provided for their clients, built the knowledge that this book shares with its's a must read for anyone interested in branding."
- Peter J. Luffman, President, Newsweek International

"When you think of Ian Batey, you think of Asia's best-known brand, Singapore Airlines. So who could be better qualified than this brand builder extraordinaire to write the book on Asian brand building. Ian being Ian, it's full of his irreverent wit and acute observations resulting in something readable and insightful."
- Andrew Thomas, Global Client Director, International Herald Tribune

"Terrific...finally some sound practical advice for committed marketers and ad agencies rather than ephemeral flummery."
- Ken McKenzie, Publisher, Media & Marketing, Hong Kong

"Move over, Rosser Reeves. Stand aside, David Ogilvy. Here comes Ian Batey!"
- Ted Horton, Principal, Horton Marketing, Melbourne

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