Brilliant Selling, 2nd edition
What the best salespeople know,do & say

By Jeremy Cassell & Tom Bird
September 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273771203
335 Pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper Original

The UK’s number one sales book in 2010 - this new edition will give you the lowdown on how to be a brilliant salesperson.

Brilliant Selling will show you how to instantly improve your sales performance. Packed with practical tips and advice from sales professionals who know what works and what doesn’t, you will discover trade secrets that will guarantee sales success.

As well as learning all the key skills, you will find out how to use your personality to perfect your technique and understand customer’s needs so that you are always one step ahead.



About the authors

Introduction to the second edition

How this book works

Part 1 – You

1. The personality of a salesperson

2. How beliefs and values impact sales success

3. Your personal ‘brand’

4. Performance and selling

5. Continually improve through self coaching

Part 2 – Process and planning

6. The sales process as a tool for improvement

7. Making the most of your time

8. Planning for success

9. Setting the right goals

10. Managing sales information

Part 3 – Your power to influence

11. The C3 Model – the foundations of effective influencing

12. Asking the right questions

13. Listening and learning

14. Negotiating collaboratively

Part 4 – Understanding buyers and prospects

15. How do you sell?

16. The modern buyer

17. Prospecting with purpose

18. Initial meeting(s) with prospect

19. Identifying what the prospect wants and needs

Part 5 – Presenting solutions

20. Appealing to the customer

21. Writing great sales proposals

22. Preparing winning pitches

23. Persuasive delivery

24. Making the most of objections

25. Closing and commitment

Part 6 – Developing customers

26. The value of a customer

27. Managing the ‘relationship’

28. Your priorities in managing customers

Summary – your brilliant future



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