Competing on Value

By Simon Knox & Stan Makilan
April 1998
ISBN: 0-273-63105-5
288 p.
$27.95 Cloth

There has been a fundamental change in the purchasing motivation and behavior of customers and the methods by which companies meet these new customer expectations. Companies are re-examining their fundamental assumptions about the way in which they define and deliver value to their customers. Marketing and brand strategies successfully deployed in the 1980s and 1990s are no longer sufficient to ensure continued profitable growth, customer loyalty and competitive advantage. Today, global competition offers everyone a meaningful choice of equally competent suppliers. The sharp-end of creating customer value lies with the organizationís ability to- customize products and services direct complex supply chains on behalf of customers provide pre-sales advice and post-sales service maximize customer convenience work effectively within alliances on behalf of customers. The UOVP Ė Unique Organisation Value PropositionTM is an important new methodology providing a practical approach which enables senior management to define and deliver customer value in a world where traditional products and brands often fail to do so. The UOVP integrates an organizationís value-adding processes into a powerful combination of reputation, performance, customer and product portfolio and a network of third-party relationships. Creating this differentiated combination, on the basis of delivering real value, enables an organization to- create profitable long-term customer relationships integrate and direct the organization towards customer value lead unbeatable alliances generate breakthrough innovation. In short, to prosper by Competing on Value.

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