Contemporary Cases in Retail Operations

Edited by Brenda Oldfield, et al.
June 2000
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0333764811
384 pages
$72.50 paper original

Contemporary Cases in Retail Operations is the ideal accompaniment for any student of retailing or those professionals newly working within the retailing sector. Each case demonstrates typical, day-to-day management problems, with a significant practical, problem-solving flavour. The case studies have clear learning objectives designed to encourage the reader to develop awareness and experience in the analysis and evaluation of retail business situations.

The Cases
Retailing in Two Currencies; N.Alexander
The Road to Empowerment at Sainsbury's; A.Arnold, M.McLean & C.Dutton
B&Q Enfield: Staffing a Greenfield Operation; J.Austin & M.Partridge
Store Merchandising and Effective Use of Space: The Safeway Experience of In-Store Pharmacies; G.Birtwistle
Stress in Grocery Retailing; A.Broadbridge
Managing the Impact of New Store Development: Trading Potential at Scottish Power Retail; I.Clarke & M.Pretious
Sainsbury's: The Trifling Case of the Missing Trifle R.Cuthbertson & C.Moore
European and UK Packaging Waste Legislation: The M&S Response; C.Hart & J.Fernie
The Longest Night: Managing a Crisis Event at M&S; C.Hart
Superdrug: The Route to Becoming More Innovative; H.Hill
The Role of Category Management in Hair Colourants: Bristol-Myers S.Hogarth-Scott & I.Walters
Concessions Management in Department Stores: The Debenhams Luggage Department; M.Kirkup & P.Gaffney
CWS Retail; Responsible Product Development; J.Temperley & M.Kirkup
Halfords Motor Oils (A): A Case of Success by Design; M.Kirkup, P.Walley & J.Temperley
Halfords Motor Oils (B): Translating Consumer Needs into Products; M.Kirkup, P.Walley & J.Temperley
'Main New England' at Debenhams: Developing a New Range; G.Lea-Greenwood & C.Moore & B.Oldfield
Sainsburys and Shaws: Reflections on Making an Acquisition a Reality; D.Musket
Buying Operations at Boots the Chemist: The Case of a Product Range Update; R.Varley
Being Smart - Developing Customer Loyalty at Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society; P.Ward, H.Gardner & H.Wright
'Operation Retail': Marketing Location to Retailers; G.Warnaby
Shrink Busters! A DIY Case in Financial Management and Control; R.Schmidt, B.Oldfield & D.Leaver

Author Biographies:
BRENDA OLDFIELD is a Research Assistant, Department of Retail and Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University.

RUTH SCHMIDT is Acting Head of Department, Department of Retail and Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University.

IAN CLARKE is Booker Professor of Retail Marketing, Durham University Business School.

MALCOLM A.KIRKUP is C & A Retail Fellow and Programme Director of the Retail Management Degree, Loughborough University Business School.

CATHY HART is Sainsbury Retail Fellow, Loughborough University Business School.

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