Definitive Business Pitch
How to Make the Best Pitches, Proposals, & Presentations

By Angela Hatton
December 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0273708260
216 pages
$52.50 Paper Original

Good ideas don't sell themselves.

In today's business world it's no longer just sales people who are responsible for winning business. Many people, from TV producers to landscape gardeners, consultants to builders, need to employ convincing communication skills to win clients and commissions.  Even managers within a business have to ‘sell’ their ideas, proposals and plans as they compete for support and scarce resources.

With increasingly competitive markets the norm, your customers and clients are almost certain to have a choice. It's not just what your business can do that matters - it's how you pitch your offer that determines success. Poor preparation or presentation at the pitching stage will lose the business to a competitor. Getting the basics right is not enough: you have to get ahead of the competition.

This guide is packed with practical ideas, tips and checklists that will ensure you are ahead of the crowd. It takes you right through the process, from deciding whether or not to pitch, getting to know the client, doing the essential preparation and then pitching for success. Unlike most of the titles available, this book covers both written proposals and oral presentations, showing you how to harness effective business communication skills to make the perfect winning pitch.


Chapter 1.  Good ideas don't sell themselves
Chapter 2.  Spotting the pitfalls
Chapter 3.  To pitch or not to pitch
Chapter 4. Getting to know the market
Chapter 5.  Putting on the customer's shoes
Chapter 6.  Preparing to pitch
Chapter 7.  Pitching with punch
Chapter 8.  Winning - proposals
Chapter 9.  Preparing to present
Chapter 10.  Presenting with panache
Chapter 11.  Keep getting better

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