E-Marketing: Theory & Practice
for the 21st Century

By John O'Connor, et al.
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-68476-0
304 Pages, Illustrated
$87.50 paper original

PART I: THE ELECTRONIC MARKETING REVOLUTION 1. The emergence of electronic marketing 2. The rapid rise of electronic commerce 3. E-commerce business models
PART II: GETTING TO KNOW THE CUSTOMER 4. Conducting market research 5. Creating customer insight
PART III: MANAGING THE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 6. Creating the customer database 7. Direct marketing and database marketing 8. Relationship marketing and CRM systems
PART IV: DEVELOPING THE CUSTOMER OFFERING 9. Getting the product to market 10. Pricing in the electronic age 11. Distributing the product in the electronic age 12. Promoting to markets of one
PART V: DELIVERING THE OFFERING TO THE CUSTOMER 13. Improving sales force effectiveness 14. Delivering customer service and support 15. Developing electronic marketing systems that work Index

"No other book covers the whole spectrum of new technologies, from database marketing to e-commerce and call centres."
--- Dr Erik M. van Raaij, Lecturer in Marketing, Cass Business School, City of London.

"Electronic Marketing...provides a comprehensive and accessible account of technological developments which have implications for marketing without recourse to jargon."
--- Dr David Jobber, Professor of Marketing, Bradford University School of Management.

At last! A superbly crafted book that blends theory and practice! Electronic Marketing- Theory and Practice for the Twenty-First Century describes how all aspects of the electronic revolution have transformed marketing.

"The frameworks presented help the reader combine business practice with customer value creation, an important aspect of successful marketing. With a wealth of practical examples exploring the use of information technology in marketing and the internet, this book provides a useful tool for those interested in electronic marketing."
---Dr Linda D. Peters, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, MSc Course Director, School of Management, University of East Anglia .

Written by leading players in both industry and academia, Electronic Marketing- Theory and Practice for the Twenty-First Century provides a broad but sound overview of this rapidly changing field. Targeted at students and practitioners who already understand basic marketing concepts, the book includes the latest discussion on relationship marketing and CRM as well a chapter on improving sales force effectiveness.

"This new book is an excellent textbook for introducing electronic marketing to marketing students."
---Dr Stephen Tagg, Institute for Customer Advantage, Marketing Department, University of Strathclyde.

"I teach Internet Marketing in Norway, Monaco and Bangkok and find this textbook to be exactly what my students need. I highly appreciate the way these authors think and write."
---Prof. Dr Ellen Hertzberg, Hedmark College, Norway; University of Southern Europe, Monaco; Bangkok University, Thailand

John O'Connor is a director of HotOrigin, an investment and consulting company headquartered in Dublin. John was previously an Associate Partner in Accenture, specializing in CRM and financial services. Eamonn Galvin specializes in creating and implementing sales and marketing strategies and has worked for such companies as General Electric, Ericsson, Diageo, Aer Lingus and Microsoft. Martin Evans is a senior academic at Cardiff Business School and has been at the forefront of industry and academy collaboration, especially in the area of data-informed marketing.

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