Essentials of Marketing Research
4th Edition

By Tony Proctor
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2005
ISBN: 0273694944
615 Pages, Illustrated, 7 ½” x 9 ¾”
$97.50 paper original

Tony Proctor’s Essentials of Marketing Research 4th edition offers a streamlined, traditional introduction to all the major concepts in the field of marketing research. He also discusses new developments, particularly in the areas of qualitative data analysis and marketing decisions support systems.
Ideal for undergraduates studying marketing research for the first time, MBA students, as well as anyone who seeks a basic understanding of the topic.

1. The nature of marketing research
2. Planning the research project
3. Secondary data
4. Sampling
5. Surveys
6. Measurement and scaling
7. Questionnaires
8. Qualitative research
9. Observations and experiments
10. Quantitative data analysis
11. Qualitative data analysis
12. Evaluating, reports and presentation
13. Applied marketing research
14. Marketing research settings: business-to-business, services and internal marketing
15. Global marketing research
16. Marketing decision-support systems
Further case studies

• Mini case studies at the end of each chapter drive home real world relevance to students.
• Boxed examples drawn from articles in the press, including the FT, show students how this subject is important in the workplace.

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