Essential Guide to Marketing Planning,
2nd edition

By Marian Burk Wood
Pearson Education
June 2010
ISBN: 9780273725763
303 Pages
$47.50 Paper original

Essential Guide to Marketing Planning 2e takes you step-by-step through the planning process. Packed with real-life examples, up-to-date marketing ideas and a detailed sample plan, Marian Burk Wood's friendly no-nonsense approach gives you exactly what you need to succeed. It offers you practical guidance in how to research, prepare and present a great marketing plan.


Chapter 1 Introduction to marketing planning today
Chapter 2 Analysing the current situation
Chapter 3 Analysing customers and markets
Chapter 4 Planning segmentation, targeting and positioning
Chapter 5 Planning direction, objectives and strategy
Chapter 6 Planning for products and brands
Chapter 7 Planning for pricing
Chapter 8 Planning for channels and logistics
Chapter 9 Planning for communications and influence
Chapter 10 Supporting the marketing mix
Chapter 11 Planning metrics and performance measurement
Chapter 12 Planning implementation and control

Appendix: Sample marketing plan: Lost Legends Luxury Chocolatier  



·Diagram of the planning process. A diagram at the start of each chapter shows your progress through the seven stages of the marketing planning process.

·Company examples. Every chapter opens with an interesting example of marketing in action at a well-known organisation.

·Practical exercises. ‘Apply your knowledge’ exercises challenge you to translate principles into practice by analysing a specific organisation’s marketing activities. ‘Build your own marketing plan’ exercises direct you through the main steps in preparing a strong, relevant marketing plan.

·Case studies. Every chapter closes with a case study of a company facing challenges and opportunities in consumer or business marketing. Answering the case questions will reinforce your understanding of the concepts and strengthen your planning skills.


Marian Burk Wood, M.B.A., has held vice-presidential level positions in corporate and non-profit marketing with Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and the National Retail Federation. She has extensive marketing experience, having developed and implemented dozens of marketing plans over the years. Her US book, The Marketing Plan Handbook, has been used by thousands of college and university students across North America.

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