Essentials of Global Marketing, 2nd edition

By Svend Hollensen
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273756545
524 pages, Illustrated
$105.00 Paper Original

Essentials of Global Marketing offers a concise and manageable approach to the subject. The accessible structure takes the reader through the entire international marketing planning process, and fundamental concepts are illuminated by examples from a wide range of companies, small and large, from around the world.



Part 1 - The Decision to Internationalize

1. Global Marketing in the firm 
2. Initiation of internationalisation 
3. Internationalisation theories

Part 2 - Deciding Which Markets to Enter
4. Development of the firm's international competitiveness 
5. The political and economic environment 
6. The sociocultural environment 
7. The international market selection process

Part 3 - Market Entry Strategies
8. Some approaches to the choice of entry mode 
9. Export, intermediate and hierarchical entry modes 
10. International buyer-seller relationships

Part 4 - Designing the Global Marketing Programme
11. Product and pricing decisions 
12. Distribution and communication decisions

Part 5 - Implementing and Coordinating the Global Marketing Programme
13. Cross-cultural sales negotiations 
14. Organisation and control of the global marketing programme

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