Essentials of Marketing, 4th edition

By, Jim Blythe
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
January 2009
360 Pages
$95.00 paper original


This book is aimed at undergraduates taking an introductory marketing course.

Essentials of Marketing  provides an overview of the techniques, supporting theories and tactical decision-making processes involved in marketing. As well as traditional marketing techniques, up-to-date topics such as green issues, post-modern thinking, relationship marketing and ethics are also covered.

The 4th edition has been thoroughly re-written to include the new 7 C's framework

The language is concise and transparent making this book an enjoyable read for students. A new full colour layout also helps to engage the reader.


List of tables List of figures Preface Acknowledgements 1. What do marketers do? 2. The marketing environment 3. Consumer and buyer behaviour 4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning 5. Market research 6. Products, branding and packaging 7. Pricing strategies 8. Distribution 9. Marketing communications and promotional tools 10. Marketing planning, implementation and control 11. Services marketing 12. Sustainable marketing Index

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