Essentials of Global Marketing

By, Svend Hollensen
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
January 2009
528 Pages
$99.50 paper original


Essentials of Global Marketing’ has a clear structure, with a starting point in the SMEs and the five main decisions that SMEs (and larger firms) face in connection with the internationalization process:

Part 1: The decision whether to internationalize Part 2: Deciding which markets to enter Part 3: Developing the market entry strategies Part 4: Designing the global marketing programmes Part 5: Implementing and coordination the global marketing programme

The book has a 100% global perspective, in delivering cases from all parts of the world to support chapters and parts. The book has the following key characteristics: - Excellent supplements (video cases, video clips, PowerPoints etc.) - Integrates the latest marketing trends - Overview model of the total global marketing planning process in the beginning of the book


1. Global Marketing in the firm 2. Initiation of internationalisation 3. Internationalisation theories 4. Development of the firm's international competitiveness 5. The political and economic environment 6. The sociocultural environment 7. The international market selection process 8. Some approaches to the choice of entry mode 9. Export, intermediate and hierarchical entry modes 10. International buyer-seller relationships 11. Product and pricing decisions 12. Distribution and communication decisions 13. Cross-cultural sales negotiations 14. Organisation and control of the global marketing programme


The new book contains brand new cases like:

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