Highly Effective Marketing Plan
A Proven, Practical, Planning
Process for Companies of All Sizes

By Peter Knight
Pearson Education
December 2004
ISBN: 0273687867
176 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$45.00 paper original

Want to dramatically improve your chances of selling more of your products or services? Discover the step-by-step, proven program that allows you to create a highly effective marketing plan that works - in just one hour! You've got a product or service that you want to sell more of.

A lot more. And you want to use your money wisely and to the best effect. You need a Highly Effective Marketing Plan. Whether you are a start-up with a tiny budget or a multinational corporation, whether you're an entrepreneur or a marketing manager, this no-nonsense highly practical guide will take you stage by stage through the pro. And it's tried, tested and proven.

A Highly Effective Marketing Plan is a process that will massively improve your chances of profitably selling more of your products and services. And it will stop you wasting money on marketing initiatives that should never see the light of day. Simple, straightforward but extremely potent, the Highly Effective Marketing Plan really works. Let it work wonders for you.

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